burnt ears


goodbye, i am starting over somewhere new. thank you for the memories, perspectives, this space of becoming, and kind words shared between us here.


how do you live through an unreal world?


Pina Bausch, Blaubart (performance), 1977


Back To Black:: Beyonce feat. Adre 3000

(Source: anatomyofstardust)



I try to perform the “blank spaces” that are formed when everything is taken away from people. How do we come face to face with “nothing,” with “emptiness” where there was something earlier?I was a refugee myself for a few years, moving from one country to another, knowing full well that at every juncture I was a guest who at any moment might be asked to leave. The refugee’s world is a portable one, allowing for easy movement between borders. It is one that can be taken away as easily as it was given: provisionally and with a little anxiety on the part of the host.

— Lida Abdul - White House (2005)